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mesoestetic purifying mousse
DERMACEUTIC Advanced Cleanser

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Mask 15

Mask 15 purifies the skin by removing
imperfections and dead skin cells

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Mask Peel

Mask Peel is a professional cosmetic peel.
For the appearance of oily and acne-prone skin,
dilated pores and excess sebum. 020

vitamin C – 20 x 5 ml

Anti-oxidant, brightening action.


certified seller
Be sure to always buy your mesoestetic® products from certified centres and vendors. active ingredients to design 100% customised treatments 020: anti-oxidant, brightening action - pH 4.5 - 6.5

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is part of the group of anti-oxidant vitamins. It is the main non-enzyme, water-soluble anti-oxidant of the skin. It plays a role that palliates the oxidative damage caused by ultraviolet radiation in epidermal cells, performing a bleaching action. Stimulates collagen synthesis, activating its regulator gene (transcriptional effect). It is also involved in the synthesis of significant elements of the extracellular matrix of the connective tissue, as well as in the activation of peptidic hormones and the catabolism of tyrosine.
Product category cosmetic
Age all
Routine stage treatment
Type of skin all
indication protection against photoaging. devitalised, opaque skin. melasma. hair loss due to seborrhoeal dermatitis.
Treatment area face, body, hair
Vitamin C
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